Date         Service                     Preacher          Title                

02/25/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Peace Maker                
03/20/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Turpin       Alter of Deadacation                
03/25/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Parker      Japan Missionary                
03/27/07   Tuesday Service      All                     Many                
04/01/07   Sunday Service        ?                       Being Persuade                
04/03/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Turpin       Purpose of temptation                
04/22/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Who You Represent                
05/06/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Everyday Choices                
05/08/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Turpin       Heaven my home                
05/13/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Mother Day Service                
06/03/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Story         Sunday School Special                
06/05/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Story         Name in Lambs book of life                
06/10/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Worship Experience                
06/17/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Father Day Service                
06/24/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Great Exchange                
06/26/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Turpin       Restoration                
07/01/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Caught in the Cross Current                
07/03/07   Tuesday Service      All                      Many                
07/22/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin                        
07/24/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Turpin       Dealing with Discouragement                
08/21/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Turpin       Lame expectations meets apostolic mind set                
08/26/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       This may never happen again                
09/09/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Left hand of God                
09/16/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Commitment                
09/18/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Turpin       Mainstay                
09/23/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Promise                
09/25/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Rebber      benefits of living for God pt II                
09/30/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Revival                
10/07/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Emptying the willows                
10/14/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       You ain't seen nothing yet                
10/16/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Turpin       God's selection                
10/21/07   Sunday Service        ?                       Cleaned and filled                
10/23/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Turpin       Go Beyond                
10/30/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Turpin       Fear                
11/04/07   Sunday Service        All                     New Beginnings                
11/07/07   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Casting Down Destroying Planting                
11/11/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Wheatly    The purging of the sacrifice                
11/14/07   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Take Shackles of my feet so I can dance                
11/18/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Do you know who your God is                
12/02/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Check your life                
12/05/07   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Your comeback can be greater then any setback                
12/12/07   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       God's plan                
12/16/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       God Is                
12/19/07   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       God's Gift of Joy                
12/26/07   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Overcomer's through the Holy Ghost                
01/06/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Parker       Missionary Service                
01/13/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Dynamic Duo                
01/20/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Join the Story that is never ending                
01/23/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       I Pray: 5 Conditions of Answered Prayer                
01/30/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       I Pray II: 6 Steps of praying about our problems                
02/03/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Contagious Praise                
02/05/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Going on to greater things                
02/10/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       That Same Jesus                
02/13/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       What Must I Do To Be Saved                
02/17/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       But God                
02/24/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       We Have found him                
02/27/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Don't serve a sleeping God                
03/02/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       The Price                
03/05/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Building below the water line                
03/16/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       In the Darkest Hour there shall be light                
03/19/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Us Growing in The Lord                
03/23/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       From Distance places to Intimate Places                
03/26/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Repentance from Dead Works                
03/30/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Lion of the Tribe of Judah                
04/06/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Relationship with God cause you to reach your Destiny                
04/09/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Ashcraft    4 Keys to breaking Financial Bondage                
04/13/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Ashcraft    What about the Bones?                
04/20/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       God has opened a door that no man can shut                
04/23/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Where we plant our seeds                
04/30/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin      10th B Attitude                
05/14/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Overcoming Life's challenges                
05/18/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Who is Your God                
05/25/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Praise                
06/04/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Rebber     Putting First the Kingdom of God                 
06/08/08   Sunday Service        Elder. Turpin    Rivers to cross                
06/15/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Story         God Will bring you out                
06/22/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       ACTS 2:38 Church                  
06/25/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Standing together to go forward                
06/29/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Remembering where God brought you from                     
07/03/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Turpin       Wake Up the Sleeper                
07/06/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Devil You Can't have my song                
07/13/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Turn Revelation to Revolution                
08/28/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Reaching your Destiny in Christ                
08/31/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       But God                
09/04/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Help my people are leaving                
09/07/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Devil you missed one                
09/11/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Children of God                
09/18/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Things that don't matter                
09/21/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Beauty of a brand new Day                
09/25/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Weisser    Jesus name baptism through the century's                
09/28/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       On the Midnight Hour                
10/02/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Smoak      Missionary Service                
10/05/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Your Eyes are on Canna but you mind is on Egypt                
10/12/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Rise up and Lead                  
10/16/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Old Time Religion in current times                
10/19/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Do Something                
10/30/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Look what the Lord is doing in you life                 
11/09/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Jesus Christ is the Devils Mortician                
11/16/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Light for a darken age                
11/20/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Focus on one thing part 7                
11/30/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Escadaro Spirit and word procedure                
12/04/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Whats so Special about Christmas                
12/07/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Caught in the crosscurrent                
12/11/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       The Sychar Connection                
12/14/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       For the love of the Fragment                
12/18/08   Thursday Service     Bro.  Rebber    Excuses                  
12/23/08   Tuesday service       Bro. Turpin       Christmas Service                
01/08/09   Thursday Service     Elder. Turpin    Sifting Sand                
01/10/09   Sunday Service        Elder. Turpin    Worship until Victory                
01/15/09   Thursday Service     Elder. Turpin    Two Olive Tree                
01/18/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Midnight Hour                
01/22/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       One Heart one Vision                
01/27/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Outrageous Mercy                
01/29/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Communion                
02/01/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       God is Able to do all things                
02/05/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Let God Be First                
02/12/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Bass         Servants Riding Princes Walking                
02/15/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Left hand of God                
02/19/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Faith to fight flames and lions                
02/22/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Bradley     Still the old rugged cross                
03/01/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Would you like God with that?                
03/05/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       The tongue and the church                
03/12/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Witness of a pierced soul                
03/14/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Sound of abundance of rain                
03/19/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Discouragement                
03/22/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       When eternity meets time                
03/29/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       What God Said he will Do                
04/02/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       When we fell all alone God is with us                
04/05/09   Sunday Servers       Bro. Andreas    Dig some Ditches                
04/09/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       A Road map for Change                            
04/11/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Napkin is still folded                
04/16/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Feeding on Ashes                
04/19/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Just Keep walking                
04/23/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Magic is not in The faucet                
04/26/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Get God out of the Box                
04/29/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber     Spiritual Warfare                    
05/03/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Praise                
05/10/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Ashcraft    It's one thing or another                
05/14/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Revival from the Rubbish                 
05/20/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Name of Separation                 
05/24/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Give me this Mountain                
05/28/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       When God Speaks                  
05/31/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Millie          Denial has an offspring                
06/04/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber      Profit or Loss                
06/07/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Grashin     Missionary service                
06/11/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Bass         Leave your water pot at the well                
06/18/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber     What is Jesus doing right now?                
06/21/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Can these bones live                
06/25/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       When God Speaks PT II                
06/28/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       More Chances with God                
07/02/09   Thursday service     Bro. Turpin        Holiness                
07/05/09   Sunday Service        Howard Family Special                
07/09/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       3 Beatitudes for a Church                
07/12/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       From Runner to Rainer                
07/16/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       A Date with Eternity                
07/19/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       A Date with Eternity                
08/02/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Don't aim to Low or Work to Perfection                
08/09/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Pressing towards the mark                
08/13/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber     Loyalty                
08/16/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Jesus is in the House                
08/22/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Beyond Jordan                
08/27/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Fervent Prayer                
09/03/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Battle your Surroundings                
09/17/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Difference between nothing and expect                
09/20/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Not my will to be this way                
09/24/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Blessing of Revelation                
09/27/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       The Journey or your Destiny                
10/08/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Lee           Reviling time for our destiny                
10/15/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       By much slothfulness the building decaytihing                
10/22/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Effectual Fervent Prayer                 
11/01/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Religion built on rubbish                
11/05/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       So Sweet to trust in Jesus                
11/08/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Expectation                
11/12/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Bass         Let Reuben Live                
11/15/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Get God out of the Box PT II                
11/19/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber     He is a rewarded of those who diligently seek him                
11/22/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Heart Condition                
11/29/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Tir             Missionary Service                
12/02/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Webber    Desperation                
12/10/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       10th B Attitude                 
12/20/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       When the days are accomplished                
01/21/10   Thursday  Service    Bro. Turpin       Faith to walk on Water                 
01/24/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Noise in the Bone yard                
02/04/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Jesus Name                
02/11/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber     If you talk the talk then walk the walk                
02/14/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Gods Love                
02/18/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Enemy Access Denied                
03/14/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       When all you got is a maybe in Jesus                
03/21/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       God's looking for a man                
03/25/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Wrestling with God                
03/28/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       God IS                
04/04/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       There is life after the passion                
04/08/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Perilous times                
04/15/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       I have an itch that needs Scratching                
04/22/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Facing your Giant                 
04/29/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Fazell        Missionary Service                
05/02/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Noah                
05/09/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       When mom is in the Balcony                
05/13/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber     Danger of Delay                
05/15/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Anointing of the bones                
05/20/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Come out with your hands up                
05/30/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Millie         Six levels of Faith                
06/03/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       But God                
06/13/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Where is your Faith?                
06/20/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Zin             Jesus can Save                
06/24/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        There is no substitute                
07/01/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Life challenges and how to overcome                
07/11/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Do you have an alter in you life ?                
07/18/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Surviving the  Delay of time                
07/22/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       What dose it mean to be bound                
07/25/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Can Do Attitude                
07/29/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       I Will do a new thing                
08/05/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       9 Secrets of good relationship                
08/08/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Pursue and Recover everything                
08/12/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Tithes                 
08/15/10   Sunday Service        Bro.  Albrightion Come unto Me                
08/22/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Dead promise and a living anointing                
08/26/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Praise from the Heart                
08/29/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Keeping the Faith                
09/02/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Gordan      When things get beyond your control                
09/05/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Expecting are you                
09/16/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Weisser    Jesus name baptism through the century's                
09/19/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Victory on hells half acre                
10/10/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Word of God                 
10/14/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Strength in the Struggles                
10/17/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Shake off                 
10/21/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        25th  hour miracle                
10/24/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Sisco         Search Within to find                
11/04/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        On the Wings of God                
11/07/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Pentecostal experience                 
11/14/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Harrington  The day doubt Died                
11/18/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Harrington  Pressing Pass Fear                
11/21/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        You Got to Make it                
11/28/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        War Cry                
12/02/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Gordan      Victory in Jesus                
12/09/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Nothing Can Separate you from God                
12/19/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Do you know him                
01/02/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Are you on the right Path                
01/09/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Time to put the enemy under your feet                 
01/16/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        The Phorid fly                
02/27/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Real Faith                
03/06/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Next Step                
03/10/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        When  God Speaks                
03/17/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Change                
03/20/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Change PT II                
03/24/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Cogan       Missionary Service                
03/27/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Brand new Day                
03/31/11   Thursday Service     Elder. Turpin     Sing and Praise                
04/07/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        It's only an Illusion                
04/21/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turner       When Jesus turns the table                
05/19/11   Thursday Service     Elder. Turpin     Thoughts of the Mind                 
05/26/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Which way are you Leaning                
05/29/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Can These Bones Live                
06/02/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Aim Higher                 
06/05/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Trust God on your Own                
06/09/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Did our heart burn with in you                
06/19/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Who is like our God                
06/26/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Flesh is Week but the Spirit is willing                
06/30/11  Thursday Service      Bro. Hernandez God Demands Fruits                
07/03/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        The Anchor Holds                
07/07/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Swint          Who is on the Lord's Side                
07/15/11   Friday Service          Bro. Brown         God Can                
07/16/11   Saturday Service      Bro. Brown        The other side of me                
07/17/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Brown         Why settle for the blessing when you can have the victory                
07/21/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber      A hungry man has no manners                
07/24/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Ruso           Humble and Contrite Spirit                
07/28/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         He must increase but I must decreased                
07/31/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         Recover All                
08/07/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         Whats your Identity                
08/11/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         Pick it up                
08/25/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Eric Moore  Turn towards God                
08/28/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        We need to be baptized with the Fire                         
09/01/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Stark          The Land of Nod                
09/04/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Graley        Heart to Heart                
09/08/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Standing Strong when Satan Attacks                
09/18/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        When nothing else work God's will                
10/02/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Forgiveness                
10/09/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Don't let the Fire go out on your alter                
11/17/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Is This our finest hour                
11/22/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Thanksgiving Service 2011                
12/01/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Prayer at the Pillars                
12/04/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        The words you never want to hear in eternity                
12/11/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        For the sake of one                
12/15/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        New Beginnings                
12/18/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        He is more than just a Baby                
12/20/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Doubt                
01/08/12   Sunday Service        Elder. Turpin      Our Spiritual Connection                
01/12/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         Touching the untouchable                
01/15/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Power of Praise                
01/29/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Is it worth fighting for?                
02/05/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Valley of dry bones                
02/19/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Curley        Will you dance or will you Die                
02/26/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Tragedy of Ephraim                
03/01/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       People on the move                 
03/04/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Ugly praise from a Pit                
03/08/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Between the two Laughs                
03/11/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Who's in the House                
03/18/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Lost and Found                
03/22/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Are you a Mugwump                
03/25/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        it's never to late                
03/29/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Meadors     Deborah's Death                
04/01/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Meadors     Diligently seeking Donkeys                
04/05/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turner        Can I get a Witness                
04/08/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Who Do you Say that I am                
04/12/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin       Greater Work than these                       
04/15/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        There well always be an afterwords                
04/19/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber       Faith in the midst of the storm                
05/13/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        No other Foundation                
05/17/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Carrol        Rejoice with me                  
05/24/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Second Commandment                
05/27/12    Sunday Service       Bro. Turpin        What does your stone say                
05/31/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Fences                
06/03/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Left Hand of God                
06/07/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Hernandez God's Kingdom Suffers                
06/10/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        God's Divine Reversal                
06/17/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Are you Ready for a River                 
06/21/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Napier        Power in Worship                
06/24/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        There shall always be a Light                
06/28/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         Antichrist                 
07/01/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        When Eternity enters Time                
07/05/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Resurrection of Jesus Christ                 
07/12/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Gilbert        Greater Works than these                
07/19/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber       Go and make Disciples                
07/22/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         The other Side of Faith                
07/29/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Ruiz           Ministry birthed in the shadow of darkness                
09/09/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Change                
09/13/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Bass          The Two Great Issues of Faith                
09/16/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Are you willing to pay the price                
09/20/12   Thursday Service     Bro. French       Heritage regain                
09/23/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        I am nothing without the anointing                
09/28/12   Friday Service          Bro. Hale           Who are thou O great mountain                
09/29/12   Saturday Service      Bro. Johnson    The Silent unseen fortress of the Soul                
09/30/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Hardin       God Has never been in trouble                
10/25/12   Thursday Service      Bro. Turpin        Living a Changed life                
10/28/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Burton        When no one else can help you Jesus can                
11/01/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        We are born for encouragement                
11/04/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        I Can                
11/08/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Sparks       Get back to your first Generation experience                      
11/11/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Be a Solider for Jesus                
11/15/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Nothing Changes if nothing changes                
11/18/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Sparks      Pressure and the pull of the earth                
11/25/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Sparks      The Hard Road                
11/29/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        It's time to forget it                
12/02/12   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Desperate Measures                 
12/06/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Reform that stop shorts of revival                 
12/13/12   Thursday Service     Bro.  Moore       Feeding on Leftovers                
12/20/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Give an Account                
12/23/12   Sunday Service        Bro.  Turpin       Christmas Service                
12/27/12   Thursday Service     Bro.  Turpin       The Prayer at the Pillars                
12/30/12   Sunday Service        Bro.  Turpin       When God Shows Up                
01/10/13   Thursday Service     Elder Turpin      Decipherment of Temptation                 
01/13/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        God likes to work when nothing else will                
01/17/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Each on Reach one                
01/20/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Webber     expectancy                
01/24/13   Thursday Service     Bro. HernandezChurch Body of Christ                 
01/31/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        When Zion Travailed                
02/03/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        For the love of a fragment                
02/07/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber      God is an Awesome God                
02/10/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Anointing                
02/14/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Napier        Eves First Name                 
02/17/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Brokenness brings break through                 
02/24/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Building a Monument                 
02/28/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        How to hang when you want to walk out                
03/03/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Worship                
03/07/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Are you a thanks giver or a praiser or worshipper                
03/10/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Anchored in the unalterable                 
03/14/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        How The Shield Works                
03/17/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Will you get it back or will you lose it                
03/21/13   Thursday Service     Elder. Turpin      The Depth of a Man's Heart                 
03/28/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Ruiz           Who's your Daddy                
03/31/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Resurrected or dead                
04/04/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Sparks       Flirting with the world                      
04/07/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        My High Tower of Communication                
04/11/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Perfume and Incenses of your Life                
04/14/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Rivers of Life                
04/18/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Do you remember your way to the Upper room                
04/19/13   Friday Service          Bro. Sparks       Absolutely apostolic or Absolutely  apathetic your choice                 
04/21/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Legacy of Praise                
04/25/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Willett        Prayer                
04/28/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Playing games on the brink of hell                
05/05/13  Sunday Service         Bro. Turpin        This is the Church's Finest Hour                
05/09/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        The Inconveniences of Being a Christian                
05/12/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        How to treat your Mother                
05/16/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Finding The Gold in the Grime                
05/19/13   Sunday Service        Elder. Turpin      Beelzebub's Looking for a House                
05/23/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         What is that in your hand                
05/30/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Stop the ride I want off                
06/02/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         No other foundation                
06/06/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Burton       Famine                
06/13/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        It's time to stand your ground                
06/16/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Hands of a Father                 
06/20/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber      Matchless                 
06/30/13   Sunday Service        Bro. James       Special Kids Service                 
07/03/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Holiness vs Standers                
07/07/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Saved by Grace                
07/11/13   Thursday Service     Bro. HernandezLiving the Prophet Vision                
07/14/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Ruiz          Forgetting your Past                
07/18/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        It's not the size of the stone                
07/21/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        The Wagons are on the Way                
07/25/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Word of God                
07/28/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Howard      The effect Making an Invisible God Even harder to see                
08/04/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        It's not the size of the stone PT II                
08/11/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Four Alters your should never neglect                
08/15/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        About 180 degrees in your life                
08/18/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Friend of the author                
08/22/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        What is weighing you down                
08/29/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Failures and Gods Grace                
09/05/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        What is your Answer                
09/08/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Foundation Doctrine                 
09/15/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Victory on hells half acre                
09/19/13   Thursday Service     Dustin Turpin     The Wave is still Flowing                
09/23/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Passion for his Presences                 
09/26/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Hadden      Power of an Audible faith                 
09/29/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        What time is it                
10/06/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Are you happy with what you have are do you want more                
10/10/10   Thursday Service     Elder. Turpin      Refining the inner man                
10/17/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Holiness in the life in the child of god                 
10/20/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Johnson     Trusting in god                
10/24/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         When wounded men arise PT 1                 
10/27/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         When wounded men arise PT 2                
10/31/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         Halloween exposed                  
11/03/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         Gates of Praise                
11/07/13   Thursday Service     Sis. White         Missionary Service                
11/10/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Call on the name of the Lord                
11/14/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber      Danger of Delay                
11/17/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        The Anchor still holds                
11/21/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        This is the Day the lord has Made                
11/24/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         What is your Passion                
12/01/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        It's not to good to be true                
12/08/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Lee            Revival                 
12/12/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Purpose of revival                 
12/19/13   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Solve our problems but spare the pigs.                
12/22/13   Sunday Service        Special              Dream Big                
01/09/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Ruiz           Focus On the Family: Connect or family to God                
01/12/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Burton        Wedding bride of the Lord                
01/16/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Focus on the Family: He and his Daughters                
01/19/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Gear Up                
01/23/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Focus on the Family: Honoring the Home                
01/26/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        A well Close by                
01/30/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Focus on the Family: Stewardship                
02/06/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Focus on the Family: Spirit of the Home                
02/13/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Focus on the Family: Infidelity                
02/16/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        God is bigger than Giant                
02/20/14   Thursday Service     Elder. Turpin     Reconciliation of our doctrine in love and peace                 
03/02/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Dreaming dreams and seeing visions                
03/06/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Focus on the Family: Raising G rated kids in X rated world                
03/13/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Focus on the Family: Consecration: The Ancient Landmark                
03/20/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Reaching out to others                
03/23/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Dustin       Victory in Jesus                
03//27/14  Thursday Service     Bro. Burton       Friend of the Bridegroom                
04/03/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Moore        Define our actions through victory                
04/13/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        The Tears that God Shed                
04/17/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Profession                
04/20/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Ashcraft     Easter Service                
04/24/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Our Foundation                
04/27/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Ruiz           When God demands an answer                
05/04/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Strength thy Gates                
05/08/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Neer           Faith for the Journey                
05/15/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Romans                
05/18/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Why did you Stop at the Cross                
05/22/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber      A for battle your Soul                 
05/29/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        How we must be Holy                
06/01/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Worth Fighting For                
06/05/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        I can't have I don't believe                
06/08/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        How Bad do you want it to Rain                
06/12/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Second Touch of the Master Hand                
06/15/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Measure of a Man                
06/19/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turner       Missionary Service                
06/22/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Positive Reaction to a doubting world                
06/29/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Anointing of the Bones                
07/06/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Great are God Mercies                
07/13/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Hell has no alters                
07/17/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Moore        Separation                
07/20/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        2 Min Warning                 
07/27/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Sparks      Please Don't Go to Hell                
08/03/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        What's inside the Gate                 
08/07/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Christian Lifestyles                 
08/14/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        When God Says No                
08/21/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        When God Speaks                
08/28/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Run to win                
08/31/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Munden     Get your mind right                
09/04/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Run to Win PT II                
09/07/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Joy cometh in the morning                
09/14/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Coon         Mercy of God                 
09/18/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Moore        Getting Past your Failure                 
09/21/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        God Gets the Last Bat                
09/25/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Gods Mercy's every Morning                
09/28/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Faith                
10/02/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber      Spiritual Warfare                
10/09/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Mcduff       Walking with the Lord                
10/12/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Mcduff       interruptions                
10/16/14   Thursday service     Bro. Jones         Almost Persuaded                 
10/19/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Who is your God                
10/23/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Healing in his wings                
10/26/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Drose         Its over                 
10/30/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Living Waters                
11/06/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        The small stuff                
11/20/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        7 Excuse to Keep you out of an Heaven                
11/23/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Lee            Greatest mistake the Devil ever made                  
11/30/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Corn in the midst of the Beans                
12/04/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Giving birth to the Spirit                
12/07/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Napier       Why Jesus is better than Santa Clause                
12/11/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Christian Lifestyle                
12/14/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Manessa and Ephraim                
12/18/14   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Waters to Swims in                
12/21/14   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Christmas Service 2015                
01/11/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Crossing the Jordan                 
01/15/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        The Fourth alter you should never neglect                
01/18/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Burton       Temptation                    
01/22/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber      Have Faith                
01/25/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Neer           When a Harlot sings a Virgin song                
01/29/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        When the accuser meets the advocate                
02/01/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        But Yea Beloved                
02/08/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Presence of the Lord                
02/12/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        God Does not know what your talking about                 
02/15/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Can't Turn Back                      
03/05/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber      Filled beyond Expectation                
03/08/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Jesus is a Way Maker                
03/15/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Ruiz          No Longer Bound                
03/19/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Gunter       Trust God                
03/22/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Breaking the Iron Gate                
03/25/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Releasing of the past                
04/02/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Norman     Soul winning                 
04/05/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Easter Service                 
04/09/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        I can do all Things                
04/19/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin                        
04/23/15  Thursday Service      Bro. Richards   Faultless God and a faultless People                
04/26/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Shut up Devil God has not showed up yet                
05/03/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        A truce with hell                
05/07/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Busby        Baptism of Fire                
05/10/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        A Line in the Sand                 
05/17/15   Sunday Service        Bro.Turpin         Don't Miss the Glory                
05/21/15   Thursday Service     Bro.Turpin         Distracted in the midst of miracle                
05/24/15   Sunday Service        Elder. Turpin      Fighting to Win                
05/28/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Decker      Missonary Service                
05/31/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Victory on Hells half Acre                
06/04/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        Little fox of sinful speech                
06/11/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber      Jesus is Coming                
06/21/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Dads                
07/02/15   Thursday Service     Elder. Turpin     Your Calling to win                
07/12/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Living the Place of expectation                
07/16/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Scism        Missionary Service                
07/23/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber      If you are going to talk the talk walk the walk                
07/26/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Pride of Help                
08/09/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Word of God Never Changes                
08/13/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        There is a Balance                
08/16/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Gates of Praise                
08/20/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin        You can't carry your own cross                
08/23/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin        Show Hell What Heaven looks like                
08/30/15   Sunday Service        Elder.Turpin       Struggle and torn of a Broken Heart                 
09/03/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         Just Do it                
09/06/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         On the outside looking in                
09/10/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         Living with the end in sight                
09/13/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         Getting out of the Box                
09/20/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Ruiz            Having Sight in a Blind World                
09/24/15   Thursday Service     Elder. Turpin      Just for a Golden Spoon                
09/27/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         It's time to Preach                
10/01/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         Fire on you Alter                
10/04/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         When God say Seven six won't work                
10/11/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Burton         Temptation                
10/22/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber        Walk by Faith                
10/25/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         Sins in the Father's House                
10/29/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         Are you ready for the flood                
11/01/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         Still I will trust in Him                
11/05/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber       God is an Awesome God                
11/08/15   Sunday Service        Elder. Turpin      Kingdoms and the Secret word                
11/19/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         Jesus went further                
11/22/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         Shake it Off                
11/29/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         When living for God Becomes a Joy                
12/03/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         I can't have what don't believe for                
12/06/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Shaw          When Second is Best                
12/13/15   Sunday Service        Bro.  Busby        It's all Mine                
12/20/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Ruiz            God's Gift                
12/27/15   Sunday Service        Bro. Neer           The Ministry of a Maybe                
01/10/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin         King of Kings and Lord of Lords                
01/17/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Payton        Just Come                
01/21/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber        Heavenly Home                
01/24/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin          Falling Anointing                
02/07/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin          God is                
02/11/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Johnson       Seven Secrets of life giving churches                
02/14/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin          We must have an Alter                
02/18/16   Thurday Service       Bro. Turpin          This Means War                
02/21/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin          There's water in the Rock                
02/25/16   Thursday Service     Elder. Turpin       How far do we go                
02/28/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin          Hold on I Coming                 
03/06/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin          I am                
03/10/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin         Things you won't fix                
03/17/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber        Excuses        Church Of Acts        
03/24/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin          How can I go to Heaven                 
03/27/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin          Impact of a Risen Savior                
04/14/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin          The Fall of Hezekiah                
04/17/16   Sunday  Service       Bro. Turpin          Call Justified,Glorified                
04/21/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Lee               Don't get comfortable in your captivity                
04/24/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           It's time to trouble the city                
04/28/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Burton          Faith                
05/01/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Oneal           An Expectancy of Praise                   
05/02/16   Monday Service        Bro. Oneal           Leaving the Wilderness                
05/03/16   Tuesday Service      Bro. Oneal            I refuse to be taken alive                
05/08/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin          The Mother of  Zebedee's Children                
05/12/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Burton          Noah's Ark                
05/15/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           Why wait 10 Days                
05/19/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber         How to Be a Star                
05/22/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           God has the Power to Change You                
05/26/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Lee               How Big is Your God                         
06/02/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin           God the Source of all Blessings                 
06/12/16   Sunday Service                                     CLC                
06/19/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin            Measure of a Man                
06/26/16   Sunday Service        Bro. Neer               Have you met the Gardener                 
06/30/16   Thursday Service     Elder. Turpin         The Battle of Life                  
07/07/16   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin            Come up High
07/10/16   Sunday Service       Bro. Turpin            Choices
07/14/16   Thursday Service    Bro. Burton             Calvary
07/17/16   Sunday Service      Bro. Turpin              I Have made up my Mind
07/21/16   Thursday Service    Bro.  Lee                 Spoken Words       
07/24/16   Sunday Service      Bro. Turpin              If it Works just do it
07/31/16   Sunday Service      Bro. Turpin              Minority report
08/02/16   Thursday Service   Bro. Turpin              Consequences of an unforgiving spirit
08/07/16   Sunday Service     Bro. Turpin               Abandoned Mines
08/11/16   Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin               Being Chosen for his kingdom  
08/14/16   Sunday Service    Bro. Turpin                He will do it Again
08/18/16   Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin               Breaking Point
08/25/16   Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin               Embracing Truth
08/28/16   Sunday Service    Bro. Turpin               Leap the rest of the way
09/01/16   Thursday Service  All                            Faith
09/04/16   Sunday Service    Bro. Turpin               The midnight Hour
09/11/16   Sunday Service    Bro. Turpin               Direction from a weary Place
09/15/16   Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin               One Scarlet Cord
09/18/16   Sunday Service    Bro. Herrington         The Process of a Promise
09/22/16   Thursday Service  Bro. Herrimgton        Don't Judge my dance you don't know my Story   
09/29/16   Thursday Service  Bro. Rebber              If People in Hell only had one more chance
10/13/16   Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin               No strings attached
10/16/16   Sunday Service    Bro. Jefferson           God has a way of changing things
10/20/16   Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin              But God
10/27/16   Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin              Moving forward with a mission            
10/30/16   Sunday Service    Bro. Hobson             Terrible Too
11/03/16   Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin              The Bumblebee Conspiracy
11/06/16   Sunday Service    Bro. Turpin              Coming home without an invitation
11/10/16   Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin              Moving forward with a mission Pt II   
11/13/16   Sunday Service    Bro. Plummer          Because Wolfs can shape rivers  
11/20/16   Sunday Service    Bro. Turpin              At the kings table
11/27/16   Sunday Service    Bro. Leteff               Reproducing what God has giving us
12/01/16   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin              When to keep your mouth shut
12/04/16   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin              Kill the lions and pass out the honey
12/22/16   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin             The Family
01/08/17   Sunday Service   Bro, Lee                  A Pure Sound That Makes A Difference
01/12/17   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin              Your Future is Inside of You  
01/15/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Zedlitz              Devil your home is not my home
01/19/17   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin              The Prayer at the Pillars
01/22/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin               I Believe we have to leap the rest of the way
01/29/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin               I got to get the Praise out
02/05/17   Sunday Service   Elder. Turpin            Secret seed of faith
02/12/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin               Spirit of Jezebel
02/26/17   Sunday  Service  Bro. Turpin               Lines of demarcations
03/02/17   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin              Small Thinking
03/09/17   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin              Search For truth
03/12/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin              A Long time Problem for a right now God
03/16/17   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin              Search For truth Pt II
03/17/17   Friday Service     Bro. Curley               Where is your Lunch
03/19/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Henry                Lack of roots in the changes of the landscape of
03/23/17   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin              Search For truth Pt III
03/26/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin              Barriers that were meant to be broken
03/30/17   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin              Search For truth Pt. IV
04/16/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin              Don't let the Stone stop you
04/23/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Bussy               Peace of God
04/30/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin              Trust in God
05/07/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin              Life left in your bones
05/14/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin              Mothers in the presence of the king
05/18/17   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin              Search For Truth Pt VII
05/21/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin              He is the Master of Problem
05/28/17   Thursday Service Bro. Stites               I Have Not yet begun to fight
06/01/17   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin             Search For Truth PT VIII
06/04/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin              It is time to be Saved
06/11/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Johnson           The blessing of Unity
06/18/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Neer                 Sitting by the Fire/Close by not converted
06/25/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Plummer          The Salvation of Samaria
07/09/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin               No Compromise
07/13/17   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin               Let god do a new thing
07/23/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Lee                   The Cup       
07/27/17   Thursday Service Elder. Turpin           The Strategic Power of Satin
07/30/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin               Is this that
08/03/17   Thursday Service Bro. Avant                What we shall Be  
08/17/17   Thursday Service Bro. Rebber             Let god fight your battles
08/25/17   Thursday Service Bro. Turpin              Settled or Unsettled unstable or & stable
08/27/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Turpin              Breakthrough
09/03/17   Sunday Service   Bro. Plummer          6 Seconds
09/07/17   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin          Sow Your Seed Cast your Nets                
09/17/17   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin          Are you original                
09/21/17   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber        A battle for your soul                
09/29/17   Thursday Service     Elder. Turpin       Love for a Pastor                 
10/05/17   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin          What we were created for                
10/19/17   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin          The miracle is in the middle                
10/22/17   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin          From a Shepard to a man after Gods own Heart                
10/26/17   Thursday Service     Bro. West            Life's Broken Places                 
10/29/17   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           Moving Waters                 
11/05/17   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           Right Now                
11/09/17   Thursday Service     Bro. Johnson       One Thing                
11/19/17   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           Never let the fire out on your altar                
11/26/17   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           Normal                
11/30/17   Thursday Service     Dustin Turpin       Not your turn but your time                 
12/10/17   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin          Do you  hear what I hear                
12/17/17   Sunday Servce         Bro. Elder            Key ingredient to possess the land                 
12/21/17   Thursday Service     Bro. Jefferson      Water in the Wilderness                
12/24/17   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           Christmas is coming to you                
01/07/18   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           Rapture requirements                
01/14/18   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           Josuha promise Caleb Mountian                
01/18/18   Thursday Service     Bro. Rebber         Walk by Faith                
01/21/18   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           Miracles                
01/28/18   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           Shift                
02/01/18   Thursday Service     Bro. Stites            The Walls are coming Down                
02/08/18   Thursday Service     Bro. Lee               How hot is your Heart?                
02/09/18   Friday Service          Bro. Lee               The Creation of the atmosphere the supernatural                
02/11/18   Sunday Service        Bro. Lee               Gods Purpose                
02/15/18   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin           Time to Fulfill Your Destiny                
02/25/18   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           Bring the Glory                
03/04/18   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           When you get over There
03/08/18   Thursday Service      Bro. Turpin           We must preach Jesus
03/11/18   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin           Take you Pormise
03/18/18   Sunday Service        Bro. Burton          The One
04/01/18   Sunday Sevice         Bro. Turpin           Get the Story right
04/05/18   Thursday Service    Bro. Bussey         Prayer
04/19/18   Thursday Service    Bro. Johnson       When your desire is stronger then your dilemma
04/22/18   Sunday Service       Bro. Turpin            An atmosphere
05/06/18   Sunday Service       Bro. Turpin            Cheated in Church
05/10/18   Thursday Service    Bro. DeTemple    Time of visitation is at hand
05/13/18   Sunday Service       Bro. Turpin            Mothers are Special!
05/17/18   Thursday Service    Bro. Rebber          In his Presence
05/27/18   Sunday Service       Bro. Turpin            Memorial    
06/03/18   Sunday Service       Bro. Neer              Dose the Lord even Care ?
06/17/18   Sunday Service       Bro. Turpin           Where are the Fathers ?
06/28/18   Thursday Service     Bro. Turpin           Its time for the church to be the church
07/01/18   Sunday Service       Bro. Turpin           Victory in the Valley
07/08/18   Sunday Service       Bro. Turpin           Gods Glory
07/12/18   Thursday Service    Bro. Turpin           It's time to gear up                 
07/15/18   Sunday Service       Bro. Johnson       an Altar will alter your life     
07/22/18   Sunday Service       Bro. Turpin         Gods Vision
07/29/18   Sunday Service       Bro. Turpin         I can hear the Sound
08/02/18   Thursday Service    Dustin Turpin      A God that just wont quit
08/05/18   Sunday Service      Bro. Moran          Measure of Faith
08/09/18   Thursday Service                               Sunday School Cursdae
08/19/18   Sunday Service      Bro. Turpin          Distractions
08/26/18   Sunday Service      Bro. Turpin          Hell's half acre
08/30/18   Thursday Service    Bro. Busby           Put Me first
09/02/18   Sunday Service      Bro. Turpin          Enjoying the Befits but he is not at your house
09/13/18   Thursday Service   Bro. Rebber         Go and make disciples
09/16/18   Sunday Service     Bro. Turpin          Is your Life Ready
09/20/18   Thursday Service   Bro. Willhoyt       Hear His Voice
09/23/18   Sunday Service     Bro. Bussey         The Darkest part of the Journey
10/07/18   Sunday Service     Bro. Turpin          Beyond the rod and spear
10/11/18  Thursday Service   Bro. Turpin           Is This your Final answer
10/25/18  Thursday Service   Bro. Turpin          The Greatest casualty in the church
10/28/18  Sunday Service     Bro. Turpin          Do you Want God Today
11/01/18  Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin           Little foxes
11/08/18  Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin           Levels of Change
11/11/18  Sunday Service    Bro. Burton           Job's Troubles
11/25/18  Sunday Service    Bro. Turpin           The valley of indecision
11/29/18  Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin           Time
12/06/18  Thursday Service  Bro. Turpin           Birthrights
12/09/18  Sunday Service    Bro. Turpin           New Things
12/2018   Thursday Service  Bro. Stites            Praising God in the Storm
12/23/18  Sunday Service    Bro. Turpin          God with Us
01/06/19  Sunday Service    Bro. Carver     
01/16/19  Thursday Service  Bro. Stark            Revival or survival
01/20/19  Sunday Service    Bro. Turpin
01/24/19  Thursday Service  Elder. Turpin      Secret seed of faith
01/29/19  Sunday Service    Bro.Turpin          Little Foxes
01/31/19  Sunday Service    Bro.Turpin          Five Crowns
02/03/19  Sunday Service    Bro. Busby          We are the Tip of the Tourch

02/10/19  Sunday Service    Bro. Mckee         The Cries of the Unknown
Date         Service                        Preacher          Title

04/01/07   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber     Go and make Disciples
08/19/07   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber     How to be a star
11/18/07   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber     Love Life, Christ, Souls and Love of God
12/09/07   Sunday School         Bro. Turpin       Do you see him as he is
01/13/08   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber     God's Faithfulness
02/17/08   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber     Constraining Love
03/16/08   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber     Holding God
04/20/08   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber     Merciful God
05/18/08   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber     Praising the Lord
06/22/08   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber     All Knowing God
07/20/08   Sunday School         Bro. Turpin       No Other Gods
09/21/08   Sunday School         Bro. White        In the Arena
10/12/08   Sunday School         Bro. White        Extremism and moderation
12/14/08   Sunday School         Bro. White        Great is thy faithfulness  
12/21/08   Sunday School         Bro. White        Gather to Worship
01/10/09   Sunday School         Bro. White        Authority Structure    
02/08/09   Sunday School         Elder. Turpin    Faithfulness Pt1
02/15/09   Sunday School         Bro. White        Attitudes and ambition
03/14/09   Sunday School         Bro. White        Selfness vs selflessness
04/05/09   Sunday School         Bro. White        Proclaiming the Resurrection
04/26/09   Sunday School         Bro.  Turpin      Fruit of the Spirit Pt 1
05/17/09   Sunday School         Bro. White        Being Faithful     
07/12/09   Sunday School         Bro. White        Flesh Vs Spirit
07/19/09   Sunday School         Bro. White        Call to Holiness
08/16/09   Sunday School         Bro. Turpin       One Heart one Vision
10/25/09   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber     7 Things God Hates
11/15/09   Sunday School         Bro. Turpin       Companion of the week
11/29/09   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber      Hiding the word in our heart
12/13/09   Sunday School         Bro. White         Hope of our Salvation
03/28/10   Sunday School         Bro. White        Deliverance from sin
04/11/10   Sunday School         Bro. Turpin       Where to Get the power you need
04/25/10   Sunday School         Bro. White        No other Gospel
07/25/10   Sunday School         Bro. White        Blessing of obeying God
08/15/10   Sunday School         Bro. Turpin       Origin
08/29/10   Sunday School         Bro. White        In God's Image
09/12/10   Sunday School         Bro. Turpin      Divine order
09/19/10   Sunday School         Bro. White       Salt of the World
10/10/10   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber    Freedom of Choice
10/17/10   Sunday School         Bro. Busby      Deception
10/24/10   Sunday School         Bro. Rebber     The Fallen Nature
11/28/10   Sunday School         Bro. Turpin       Generation to Generation
01/16/11   Sunday School         Bro. Busby       Unity
05/15/11   Sunday School         Bro. Busby       The Cross and Blood of Jesus
07/24/11   Sunday School         Bro. Turpin       Principles  of evangelism
07/31/11   Sunday School         Sis. Turpin       Children' s Church
09/18/11   Sunday School         Bro. Busby       Befits in living for God
01/15/12   Sunday School         Bro. White        The Blessed Man
01/29/12   Sunday School                                   Children's power hour
03/04/12   Sunday School         Bro. White        Noah
03/18/12   Sunday School         Bro. White       God Calls people for Sacred Service
03/25/12   Sunday School                                   Childrens's Power Hour
04/15/12   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Materialism
05/20/12   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Lust of the Flesh
06/10/12   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Church Responsibility to Children
07/01/12   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Ishmael
07/22/12   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Joseph
08/05/12   Sunday School        Bro. Rebber      Moses a Child Saved
10/28/12   Sunday School                                    Kids Power Hour
11/18/12   Sunday School        Bro. Turpin        Flesh & Spirit
03/24/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Called to be a servant
05/19/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Grace
05/26/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Great saying of Jesus-Giving
06/02/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        When Thou Prayest
06/16/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Great saying of Jesus- as you go preach
07/07/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Great saying of Jesus- I will come again
07/14/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Great saying of Jesus- Consider the Lilies
07/21/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Great saying of Jesus- he that humble himself
07/28/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Great saying of Jesus- forgiveness
08/04/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Great saying of Jesus- Judge not
08/11/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Great Chapter of Bible Matthew 24 End Time
08/18/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Great Chapter of Bible John 15 Without God
09/01/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Revelations: Churches
09/08/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Revelations: Churches Pt 2
09/15/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Revelations: Churches Pt 3
09/22/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Revelations: Churches Pt 4
09/29/13   Sunday School                                   Children Church
10/06/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Revelations:   Rapture     
10/20/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Revelations: Reward
10/27/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Revelations: Final Lesson
11/03/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Dignity of work
11/10/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Authority
11/17/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Friendship
11/24/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Learning for Living
12/01/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Luke Pt 1
12/08/13   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Luke Pt 2
01/12/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby       Staying in the Ship
01/19/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Luke Pt 4
01/26/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Luke Pt 5
02/09/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Holy Ghost
02/16/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Holy Ghost Pt II
03/02/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Holy Ghost Pt III
03/09/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Miracle signs and wonders of the early church
03/23/14   Sunday School        Bro. Moore        Doctrine of the Church PT II
03/30/14   Sunday School                                   Kids Power Hour
04/13/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        The Name of Jesus
04/20/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Resurrection of Jesus
04/27/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Early Church
05/04/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Church Revival
05/18/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Incarnation of Jesus Christ
06/01/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Love one to another
06/08/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Pentecost
06/15/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Abraham
06/22/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Psalm 51: Psalm of Repentance
06/29/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Righteousness thru Jesus Christ
07/06/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Hebrews 11
07/10/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        What's it mean to be Born Again
07/27/14   Sunday School                                   Children Power Hour        
08/03/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Power of Repentance
08/17/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Psalms 103
08/31/14   Sunday School                                   Children Power Hour
09/07/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Psalm 121
09/21/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        All knowing God
09/28/14   Sunday School                                   Children Power Hour
10/05/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Communication with God
10/12/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Psalms 145
10/19/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        John
10/26/14   Sunday School                                   Kids Power Hour
11/23/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Walking in truth
11/30/14   Sunday School                                   Kids Power Hour
12/07/14   Sunday School        Bro. Turpin        Revival
12/14/14   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Sexual Morality
01/11/15   Sunday School        Bro. West          Word of God
01/18/15   Sunday School        Bro. West          Teamwork
01/25/15   Sunday School                                   Kids Power Hour
02/01/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Blessed
02/08/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Praise and Worship
02/15/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Faith
03/08/15   Sunday School        Bro. West          TeamWork
03/15/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Attributes of a mighty God
03/22/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Day of Pentecost
03/25/15   Sunday School                                   Children's Power Hour
04/19/15   Sunday School        Bro. West          Teamwork
04/26/15   Sunday School        Bro. West          Teamwork
05/03/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby         Spiritual Gifts
05/10/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby         Work of the Spirit
05/17/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Hero's of Faith
05/24/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Hero's of Faith Pt II
05/31/15   Sunday School        Bro. West          Fear
06/07/15   Sunday School        Bro. West         Fear Pt II
06/21/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby       Alter Working
07/12/15   Sunday School        Bro. West         Fear Pt III
07/26/15   Sunday School                                   Chlidren's Power Hour
08/09/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Fruit of the Spirit
08/16/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Fruit of the Spirit pt II
08/23/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        The call to Holiness
08/30/15   Sunday School                                    Kids Power Hour
09/06/15   Sunday School        Bro. West          Gifts of the Spirit
09/13/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Christian Liberty
09/20/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Christian Behavior
09/27/15   Sunday School        Bro. West          Idle Words
10/04/15   Sunday School        Bro. West          Idle Words Pt II
10/11/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby       Committed to Evangelism
10/22/15   Sunday School                                  Children's Power Hour
11/01/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby       The Word of God
11/08/15   Sunday School        Bro. West         God's Treasure Chest
11/22/15   Sunday School        Bro. West         Unity
11/29/15   Sunday School        Bro. Busby       Romans
12/20/15   Sunday School        Bro. Eric           Christmas Story
12/27/15   Sunday School        Elder. Turpin    We are called for a Purpose   
01/10/16   Sunday School        Bro. West          Prayre
01/17/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Romans PT II
01/24/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Romans PT III
02/07/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Romans PT IV
02/14/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Romans PT V
02/21/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Romans PT VI
02/28/16   Sunday School                                   Kids Power Hour       
03/06/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby       Corinthians Pt I
03//27/16  Sunday School                                   Kids Power Hour
04/17/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby       Corinthians Pt III
04/24/16   Sunday School                                  Kids Power Hour
05/01/16   Sunday School        Bro. West         Give me some of that
05/08/16   Sunday School        Bro. West         Train up your child
05/15/16   Sunday School        Bro. West         Holy Ghost
05/22/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby       Corinthians Pt IV
05/29/16   Sunday School                                   Kids Power Hour
06/12/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Corinthians Pt VI
06/19/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Corinthians Pt VII
06/26/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Corinthians Pt VIII
07/10/16   Sunday School        Bro. West          What are the believers doing
07/16/16   Sunday School        Elder. Turpin     Prayer
07/24/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Corinthians Pt IX
07/31/16   Sunday School                                   Kids Power Hour
08/07/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby       Corinthians Pt X
08/14/16   Sunday School        Bro. West         Never Why
08/21/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby       Corinthians PT XI
08/28/16   Sunday School                                   Kid's Power Hour
09/04/16   Sunday School        Bro. West         How to Anchor your heart and mind
09/11/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Corinthians PT XII
09/18/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Corinthians PT XIII
10/16/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Acts PT II
10/30/16   Sunday School                                   Kids Power Hour
11/06/16   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         Life is in the Blood
11/13/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Acts Pt III
11/20/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Acts Pt IV
11/27/16   Sunday School                                   Kid's Power Hour
12/04/16   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Acts Pt V
01/08/17   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Acts Pt VI
01/15/17   Sunday School        Bro. Turpin        Prayer
01/22/17   Sunday School        Bro.  Henry        Attributes of God
01/29/17   Sunday School                                   Kids Power Hour
02/05/17   Sunday School        Bro. West          Parents Hope
02/12/17   Sunday School        Bro. Busby         Secret Place
02/26/17   Sunday School                                   Kid's Power Hour
03/12/17   Sunday School        Bro. West          Prayer life
03/19/17   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Complete Life
03/26/17   Sunday School                                    Kid's Power Hour
04/17/17   Sunday School        Bro. Busby        Life after Death
04/23/17   Sunday School        Bro. Henry        Fellowship with believers
04/30/17   Sunday School                                  Kid's Power Hour
05/07/17   Sunday School        Bro. West        A.B.I.D.E.
05/14/17   Sunday School        Bro. Busby      A Blessed Life style
05/21/17   Sunday School        Bro. Busby      Life
06/04/17   Sunday School        Bro. West       Grace and free offer of salvation
06/11/17   Sunday School        Bro. Busby      Prayer
06/18/17   Sunday School        Bro. Henry       Fasting
06/25/17   Sunday School                                  Kids Power Hour
07/09/17   Sunday School        Bro. Busby      Meditation
07/23/17   Sunday School        Bro. West        Giving
07/30/17   Sunday School                                 Kid's Power Hour
08/27/17   Sunday School                                 Kid's Power Hour
09/03/17   Sunday School        Bro. West       Not my will
09/17/17   Sunday School        Bro. Henry      Submission
10/15/17   Sunday School        Bro. Henry      Pray  threw Adversity
10/22/17   Sunday School        Bro. Busby     Group Prayer
10/29/17   Sunday School                                Kid's Power Hour
11/05/17   Sunday School        Bro. West       Names
11/19/17   Sunday School        Bro. West       The Greatest Prayer
11/26/17   Sunday School        Bro. Henry      Fruit of the Spirit Pt I
12/10/17   Sunday School        Bro. Busby     Fruit of the Spirit Peace
12/17/17   Sunday School        Bro. Busby     Fruit of the Spirit patients
01/07/18   Sunday School        Bro. Busby     Fruit of the Spirit Goodness
01/14/18   Sunday School        Bro. Busby     Fruit of the Spirit Faithfulness
01/21/18   Sunday School        Bro. Henry     Fruit of the Sprit Gentleness
01/28/18   Sunday School                                Kid's Power Hour
02/11/18   Sunday School        Bro. West      Gift of Love
03/04/18   Sunday School        Bro. Busby    Gifts of God Woman
03/08/18   Sunday School        Bro. West      Laughter and tears of Shara
04/01/18   Sunday School        Bro. Busby     The Gospel
04/22/18   Sunday School        Bro. Henry      Marriage
05/06/18   Sunday School        Bro. Henry      Be filled with the spirit during or carnality
05/13/18   Sunday School        Bro. Busby     Mothers
05/27/18   Sunday School        Bro. Busby     Soldiering On
06/03/18   Sunday School        Bro. Henry     Gifts of the Spirit
06/17/18   Sunday School        Bro. Henry     Gifts of the Spirit Discerning of spirits
07/01/18   Sunday School        Bro. Henry     Gifts of the Spirit Tongues and Prophecy
07/08/18   Sunday School        Bro. Bussey  Gifts of the Spirit Divers Tongues
07/22/18   Sunday School        Bro. Henry     Gifts of the Spirit Faith and Healing and working of miracles
07/29/18   Sunday School        Bro. Henry     Gifts of the Spirits finial
08/05/18   Sunday School        Bro. Busby    Ministry:
08/19/18   Sunday school        Bro. Henry     Ministry: Serving
08/16/18   Sunday School        Bro. Busby    Ministry: Exhortation
09/02/18   Sunday School        Bro. West      Ministry: Teaching
09/16/18   Sunday School        Bro. Busby    Ministry: Leadership
09/23/18   Sunday School        Bro. West      Ministry: Mercy
10/07/18   Sunday School        Bro. Henry    Ministry: Giving
10/28/18   Sunday School        Bro. Bussey Ministry: Reconciliation
11/11/18   Sunday School        Bro. Henry    Redeeming our Pain
11/25/18   Sunday School        Bro. Bussey Seeking the Source of Wisdom
12/09/18   Sunday School        Bro. West      Blessings of God
12/20/18   Sunday School        Bro. West      Train up A child
01/06/19   Sunday School        Bro. Busby    Giving our best
01/20/19   Sunday School        Bro. West      Goodness of relationship
01/29/19   Sunday School        Bro. Bussey  Marriage
02/03/19   Sunday School        Bro. Henry     Values

02/10/19   Sunday School        Bro. Busby     A Life that Please God
Service current ministry
Sunday School current ministry
Services past ministry
Date         Service                     Preacher          Title

03/18/07   Sunday School         Bro. Followill    Tabernacle Plan
03/25/07   Sunday School         Bro. Followill    Death Denied
03/25/07   Sunday School         Bro. Followill    Death Denied
04/22/07   Sunday School         Bro. Followill    Sacrificer of Prayer
04/29/07   Sunday School         Bro. Followill     Wonderfully New
04/29/07   Sunday School         Bro. Followill     Wonderfully New
04/29/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Handcock Old things Pass Away
05/01/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Johnstone Tithes
05/06/07   Sunday School         Bro. Wallence  Backing up you faith
06/10/07   Sunday School         Bro. Johnstone Trust the Lord trough all
06/24/07   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        
07/22/07   Sunday School         Bro. Johnstone Body of Christ
08/14/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Followill     Victory in the midst of praise
08/26/07   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Resting
08/28/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Handcock Take by Force
09/04/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Swope      The meaning of the Voice
09/09/07   Sunday School         Bro. Handcock Thy Will be Done
09/16/07   Sunday School         Bro. Followill    Time to break out and wake up
09/23/07   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Prayer
09/30/07   Sunday School         Bro. Followill     3 Fold duties of life
10/09/07   Tuesday Service      Bro. Handcock Change
10/14/07   Sunday School         Bro. Johnstone Windows open to hevan
10/21/07   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Taken out of Sin
10/28/07   Sunday School         Bro. Followill     Mind of the flesh vs the spirit
11/11/07   Sunday School         Bro. Followill    Lead by the Spirit
12/09/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Stites        Made up my mind to be blessed
12/23/07   Sunday School         Bro. Johnstone Passover
12/23/07   Sunday Service        Bro. Stites        God Always Wins
01/16/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Followill    Expectation
01/20/08   Sunday School         Bro. Johnstone Focus on the Lord
01/27/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Roberts    Hope
01/27/08   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Must Have the Fruit of the Spirit
02/10/08   Sunday School         Bro. Followill     Miracles signs and wonders in the early church
02/24/08   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Must Have the Fruit of the Spirit Part: II
03/09/08   Sunday School         Bro. Johnstone Letting God use us to save a soul
03/12/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Stites        God's High Hand
03/23/08   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Holding on to our Memorials
03/30/08   Sunday School         Bro. Followill     Put on the new man
04/13/08   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Must Have the Fruit of the Spirit Part: III
04/27/08   Sunday School         Bro. Followill    Transformed by truth
04/27/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Handcock
Fool hates the honeycomb but who is hungry every bittersweet thing is loved
05/21/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Stites        Rise Up and Press towards God
06/01/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Handcock Cross the Distance
06/08/08   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Cleansed and Made Whole
06/11/08   Wednesday Service Bro. Handcock Look at Jesus through the Storm
06/15/08   Sunday School         Bro. Johnstone Thou are my hiding place
07/13/08   Sunday School         Bro. Johnstone Not Fainting in the Work of the Lord
07/13/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Turpin       Turn Revelation to Revolution
07/24/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Handcock Empty the pots for the filling
07/25/08   Friday Service          Bro. Handcock My God is not mocked
07/27/08   Sunday School         Bro. Johnstone Our Pilgrims Journey in God
07/27/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Handcock Turn your curse into a blessing
07/31/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Handcock What song is your heart singing
08/03/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Handcock Walk by Faith
08/07/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Handcock Church Only
08/08/08   Friday Service          Bro. Handcock Jesus will hear your cry of desperation
08/10/08   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Spirit of adoption
08/10/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Handcock Church Only Sin in the camp
08/24/08   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Fervent Pray of a righteous man availeth much
08/24/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Stites        Race for our souls
09/14/08   Sunday School         Bro. Johnstone Baptism in Jesus Name
09/14/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Roberts    What Drive us? Hunger for God
09/28/08   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Practice makes Perfect
10/19/08   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Bride of Christ
11/06/08   Thursday Service     Bro. Roberts    It's Contagious
11/09/08   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        First  
11/16/08   Sunday School         Bro. Roberts    Trial and tribulations
11/23/08   Sunday School         Bro. Stites        Whats in a name?
11/23/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Handcock What I am
12/07/08   Sunday School         Bro. Johnstone Thanksgiving
12/21/08   Sunday Service        Bro. Roberts    Ordinary
01/18/09   Sunday School         Bro. Joe            Under Construction
01/27/09   Sunday School         Bro. Roberts    Reality driven society vs Faith
02/22/09   Sunday School         Bro. Joe           Stop the Yapping and make things happen
03/22/09   Sunday School         Bro. Joe           Don't let the rooster crow  
03/29/09   Sunday School         Bro.  Roberts   Sun always shines sometimes can't see it through the clouds
04/19/09   Sunday School         Bro. Joe           Touch me not
05/07/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Roberts    Sick Of
05/17/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Roberts    Attitude generates the magnitude
05/31/09   Sunday School         Bro. Joe           Lost and Found
06/14/09   Sunday School         Bro. Roberts    Prayer essentials
06/21/09   Sunday School         Bro. Joe           Time out
06/28/09   Sunday School         Bro. Roberts    Taking charge of your life
08/06/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Denier      There is a miracle at midnight
08/09/09   Sunday School         Bro. Joe           Choose Sides
08/22/09   Sunday School         Bro. Roberts    Why sickness comes and how to be healed
09/20/09   Sunday School         Bro. Roberts    Burning your Yesterdays for a burning desire today
09/27/09   Sunday School         Bro. Roberts    Seven Lessons from Seven Churches
10/01/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Denier       Let those who are barren begin singing
10/25/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Joel           Calling unto deep
10/11/09   Sunday School         Bro. Joe           Miracles of Jesus
11/08/09   Sunday School         Bro. Spurlock   Ambassadors
12/13/09   Sunday Service        Bro. Denier       When the power God left the devil in the dust
12/19/09   Thursday Service     Bro. Roberts    See what we are prepared to see
12/20/09   Sunday School         Bro. Robert      Delusional perception
01/24/10   Sunday School         Bro. Spurlock   Knowing Gods Severity
01/28/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Henery      Remember the Dreams  
02/14/10   Sunday School         Bro. Roberts    The best revelations are in the wilderness
03/14/10   Sunday School         Bro. Spurlock   Jesus second Coming
03/21/10   Sunday School         Bro. Joe           Crucified Savior
04/01/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Denier       When repentance met forgiveness face to face
04/18/10   Sunday School         Bro. Roberts    The Bibles Great Contradiction/Oneness for Dummies
04/25/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Henry        When God stood still
05/02/10   Sunday School         Bro. Roberts    The Bibles Great Contradiction/Oneness for Dummies Part 2
05/15/10   Sunday School         Bro. Spurlock    Worship in Church
06/10/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Henry        What do you chose to fill your heart with?
06/13/10   Sunday School         Bro. Spurlock   Rejoicing in surfing
06/20/10   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       God Head
06/27/10   Sunday School         Bro. Joe           Stairway to heaven
06/27/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Roberts    Giving the Devil his due
07/08/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Denier       Calvary
07/11/10   Sunday School         Bro. Spurlock   Contending for the Faith
07/15/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Spurlock   Getting Out
07/18/10   Sunday School         Bro. Roberts     Love
08/01/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Denier       Breaking your box in his presence
08/08/10   Sunday School         Bro. Joe           Here comes the Bride
09/09/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Denier       Back side of the desert
09/30/10   Thursday Service     Bro. Henry        Get while the getting is good
10/03/10   Sunday Service        Bro. Denier       Sit on me Jesus
11/21/10   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Knowing
12/16/10   Thursday service      Bro. Denier        Presence of the Lord
01/09/11   Sunday School         Bro. Henery      The serenity of Judgment
02/03/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Henry        Faith
02/20/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Joel            Singing your Song
03/20/11   Sunday School         Bro. Parez       Worship
03/27/11   Sunday School         Bro. Parez       Children s Church
04/10/11   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Principle of Faith
05/15/11   Sunday Service        Bro. Henry         Shake the Foundation
05/22/11   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Principles of Repentance
05/22/11    Sunday Service       Bro. Denier       Joel's Bar
06/19/11   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Principles of a Spirit Filled life
06/23/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Henry         Extreme Faith
06/26/11   Sunday School         Bro. Parez       Value
08/04/11   Thursday Service     Bro. Henry          The Father of the Prodigals
08/07/11   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Principle of a Growing Christian
08/28/11   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Living Justified
10/02/11   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Living in Forgiveness
10/09/11   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Living in Victory
12/04/11   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Living in the Last Days
12/11/11   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       The Epiphany
12/18/11   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       A Time for Giving    
01/08/12   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Living in the Last Days
02/05/12   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Manifesting the Love of God
02/19/12   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Keep on Keeping on
02/26/12   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Restoration of the John Mark
03/11/12   Sunday School         Bro. Henry       Friend or Foe
04/01/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         He is Risen
05/03/12   Thursday Service     Bro. Henry         The Most Important Scripure
05/27/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         After the Heart of God
06/03/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         Understanding John 3:5
06/17/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         Fathers responsibility to children
07/29/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         You are my Disciples
09/09/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry        Now that we have been Born again
09/16/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry        The Word
09/23/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry        Prayer & Fasting
11/04/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry        Personal Evangelism
11/11/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         The Devils Promises
11/25/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry        Grace
12/02/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         Living in The Spirit
12/30/12   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         Humility Brings Blessing
01/13/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry        Manifestation of love  
01/20/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry        The  Freedom of choice
02/03/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         Baptism
02/10/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         God is
02/17/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         Removing the Veil Pt 1
02/24/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         God Revealed himself as One
03/07/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         God Revealed himself as Jealous
03/10/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         God Revealed himself as Jealous PT 2
03/17/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         God Revealed himself as Good
03/24/13    Sunday Service       Bro. Henry         Dying Death of Praise
04/07/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         God Revealed himself as holy
04/14/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         God Revealed himself as Conquer
04/21/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         God Revealed himself as faithful
04/28/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         (God) EL Shaddai Revealed himself Reality
05/05/13   Sunday School        Bro. Henry         God Revealed Himself in Purpose
05/26/13   Sunday Service        Bro. Joel            Failure of the free
01/08/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Paul           Getting back to our first love
03/12/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Paul           Preparing for Battle
04/16/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Paul           
05/14/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Paul           Mirror   
07/09/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Paul           When God shuts the Door
09/17/15   Thursday Service     Bro. Paul            Pure in Heart
12/13/15   Sunday School        Bro. Paul          Faith Conviction and Persuasion
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