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Letting go yesterday’s greatness for tomorrows Magnificence

Comment was made we need to unlock the book of ACTS. I have been think that over the books of ATS have been unlock to us, Since Acts 2:38 with the basic formula of repentance. And has not changed in 2000 thousand years which goes back to. Hebrews 13:8 Jesus Christ the Same yesterday, and today and forever. The Bible also say John 14:12-14, and in Mark 16:17-18 To Sum it signs wonders and miracles. But back in John 14:12-14 Greater things shall you do in my name. Now not to take away from all the great revivals or what is going on but the book of ACTs never closes out. Read it. We need to stops focusing on what has happened in the church or the greatness we perceived that has happened. And just Blow that out of the water and make the book of Acts look like a footnote in history. It can be done. The bible already states the Keys already unlocked. God’s word does not change. A little work Pray and fasting and holding the what was wrong before still is and what has work before will still work to get Gods attention. Time to take a stand for revival in the land all over until it shake the foundations of Haven itself. What say you.