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I know 3 weeks ago I wrote about Faith and maybe it’s  simplicity. I know there is a lot going on in the world today between middle east and people seeing signs wonder and mercials about the end time. But I guess I want to bring something into focus for a minute if you don’t mind it is on the subject of judgment. Now before you turn me off this does not have to do with end times per say but our personal lives Matthew 7:1-2  1Judge not, that ye be not judged.  2For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. As you read on in scripter it talks about judging your bother also. I look at the first part of this in Matthew 7:1-2 what if it also means ourselves how we Judge ourselves in our daily dealings with our family and work and church. If we conduct ourselves to the standards of the bible and have gotten the ACTS 2:38 message and have followed it and we live by the standards we have researcher throughout the bible and personal convictions from God. Then maybe we need to stop being Judge Jury and excutorn per say and just trust God to judge us for who we are not what we say and what others may say about us. What say You.

I have another thought that follows up the Faith and Judgment, you may laugh at this one me and my mom were talking about the roads life leads you on and your church family whether it really will support you or not. But I have 2 simple questions I am not going to hit the bible hard on this one this I want you to do the research and mabey get back to me on this one, What if we make this whole walk sometimes harder than it has to be. I have been reading my bible and I noticed something it seems to be a lot about the walk with God and taking him at face value adding no more or no less to what he says in his word and putting the left foot down then the right and keep walking and looking at God for direction, look at Peter and his walk on the water did good with the walking until he took his eye off the goal. Sometimes it is just the walk look at the stories of ENOCH in Genesis and Abraham, Moses, Elijah and so even Jesus. Now I know that simplifies the whole bible but look at it for a second and look at the walk as christens sometimes we tend to add to many self induced stumbling blocks due to interpretations or religious traditions no matter what religious group you belong to, Here is the second simplified question what if when we get all the Answers from God and he Says “I wrote this for a ten year old.” Think about it for a sec after god limited how old people cold live back in Genesis,  between war and famine and accidents most people did not live until the last 50 or so years until 45.   So what say you.

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