New Year

Well happy new year to all and hope you all had a good holidays. 1 have a couple of thoughts maybe a couple of questions in mind today if I have any text reference it would be John 1 and II Timothy. So I will just get started where is your bible don’t open it if it is closed just rub your hand on the cover is there a hand print left behind or the same if your bible is open. I bring this to mind because if you got your kids or even your self some toys and you had to put them together you needed directions you followed them or if your an excerpt in that one area you relie on experience but you had to learn it once crack open a book. So why don’t we apply this to God and to our spurital walk with God. The Bible states no one is perfect except God and we all have fallen short. One final thought is closing BIBLE (Basic Instruction Before Leaving Earth) weather you follow the directions or not all have an consequence for where you will spend eternity.

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