We are excited what God is doing at UMOT!  We have been pastoring now for 16 yrs in Colorado Springs.  
Previously, we assisted for over 15 years in ministry.  Currently, God has given us a great harvest of souls, many
miracles, and countless answers to prayers. My wife and I are truly grateful to the saints of UMOT who have made
pastoring a wonderful experience!

The breathtaking mountain scenes of Colorado show God's hands at work!  We are blessed to live in such a great
state as Colorado!  Along with the beauty of nature is the beauty of our church family!  This includes brothers and
sisters of like faith!  It is always exciting to be part of the church of the living God!

In our pastoring experience, we have had the opportunity to serve with the Colorado District of the UPCI.  While
serving, we have been privileged serving as the District Youth President in past years. We have had the privilege to
serve as Presbyter of Section 4 for 6 years. Currently we are serving as the District Superintendent.  My wife,
Sharon, currently serves as the District Ladies President.  We are glad to serve and keep a servants heart!  We are
willing to do whatever God desires for our lives!

If you do not have a church family, we would love for you to come visit Universal Ministries of Truth!  It is a place
where we consider you as family!  It is also a place for new beginnings!  You will leave with a warm welcome and a
pentecostal experience from God!  We look forward to your visit and meeting you in person!
Universal Ministries of Truth

A Place For New Beginnings!